Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday

I like structure. I need it in order to function in many areas of my life Maybe that's why having a loose schedule to my posts is appealing to me hence we have Thoughtful Thursday. That and it happens to be Thursday-ish (3:38 am) and since the baby is up that means I am up and i'm feeling a bit thoughtful.

As  mentioned, I like structure. Love it really. Lists and organizers, binders, folders, post- it notes, fresh new pens and my OneDay planner are things that I would feel lost without.

 FYI- this does not mean i'm the most organized person but i'd get nothing done if I didn't try.The more kids I have the worse it gets but I don't mind because I really do enjoy the time spent organizing our schedules and projects. Where I run into trouble is this: My wonderful husband  the COMPLETE opposite. I'm talking apples and oranges, up and down, back and white opposite.
I am a Planner with a capitol P. Make that a capital p, bolded, italicized and under scored. Twice. And he's not. Very much a play it by ear, see how it goes kinda guy. His laid back approach is a great counter-balance to my......less laid back personality. also drives me bonkers! 

 In actuality he is more organized than I during the "doing" phase of a project - little bit of OCD 'taint a bad thing lemme tell you. I have the straightest hung artwork in the land. It's the planning phase where we just aren't compatible.
 Right now we are planning  the layout for the school room which is currently the playroom.
This is what we have:

I know what you're thinking- why is this woman blogging?!? Go clean that playroom. Let's just say it was a choose your battles kinda day.
Anyway- THIS is what we want:

But we have 6 kids so THIS is what we're doing:

Well, kinda. There's more to it but the point is we agree on all of the design details. And once we really get going on the project- we work great together. But if he sees me pull out my notebook and scale sized paper furniture I know his eyes will glaze over and i'll be frustrated by his lack of enthusiasm for my neatly organized project notes.

So we'll do what we always do and he will nod and mm-hmm while I plan every last step and I'll gnaw my nails when he heads off to Home Depot sans my meticulous lists and then i'll marvel at how he managed to remember everything AND bring me chocolate( he really is awesome!) and it will be fantastic. Usually better than I, with all of my planning, thought it would. 

So here's my thought- I told you I had one!
Does it matter that we aren't compatible in this area? 
Are there areas where you and your hubby aren't a perfect match? If so do you try to be more  so or is it a live and let live kind of thing?

( Of course I'm talking about the innocent 'quirks' we bring to our relationships. Any issues that cause true tension should be address respectfully and prayerfully.) 

I've linked up with the Happy Wives Club an I love their weekly lists of things they love about their husbands. Clink the link below to hop on over and check out the great blogs and add yours too.

Here is my list for this week:
1) He makes me be spontaneous, especially when I didn't plan to be.
2) His voice. He sings to me and it soothes me instantly. He sang during my labor with our last child and it was beautiful. Without him i'm sure i'd have needed pain medicine this time around.
3) His passion for worship. It's inspiring.
4) He pays attention to the little things like how I take my coffee and my favorite  scents.
5) He gets excited when he's studying the Word and his excitement is contagious.


  1. It's going to be great! I love the idea! Will you home school, or will it just be a homework area?

  2. Thanks Becki! We're excited to get started. We are going to preschool. I want to start fresh with new grades so they are going to finish the year in public school which gives us until July to get things done.

  3. That looks like a great plan, Amanda! And I'm with you on the graph paper and little paper furniture cutouts AND heading out to Home Depot with meticulous lists. But I must say, I've gotten much more (well, a bit more) relaxed as I've gotten a bit older. So you can always tell your husband, "Don't worry, Honey, I'll mellow a little over the years"!

  4. Thank you, Jean! I shared your insight with my husband and he was happy to hear it:) And for now, it keeps things interesting!

  5. My hubby and I are like that too: night and day; eggs and bacon; black and white ;)
    However, we too are learning to compromise. Learning is the key word!
    Thanks so much for sharing. I found you on the Missional Friday blog hop :)

  6. I guess it's true when they say opposites attract! In most ways it's a good balancing act and the "learning" just keeps you paying attention, right:)