Wednesday, February 20, 2013

If I want to have a blog that  people will read then I should probably generate a st more frequently than once very 6 months. I have been slacking! I am going to do better. Even if no one but me ..... and my mom ( thanks mom!) ever reads it :)
During my -brief...hiatus I have:
had a baby :)

 moved alllllll ...well, ALMOST all, the way across the country

hopefully,maybe, possibly found a new home church although it will take time and prayer before we are able to view anything but out old church as "our church"

 and lastly, but  maybe most importantly, we have committed our hearts- and our playroom- to home schooling our 6 children.

It terrifies me. We tried it before and failed. I failed. I had excuses. My son wasn't responding to me as  a teacher, it was too hard with a toddler and a baby in the house and i'm sure there was more. None of that has changed. In fact I now have 2 toddlers and a  diagnosis of ODD ( oppositional defiance order, not weird odd) but what it boils down to is I lost my faith. I allowed the enemy to speak doubt into my heart and, shame on me, I listened. I have felt the Lord leading us in the direction of home schooling for years but when it came down to it I panicked.
Not this time. It's going to be tough but that's ok. I have the knowledge and the desire, a fantastic and supportive family and, most importantly I have a God who gives me everything I need to be the woman He has called me to be.


  1. I think you should clarify that the ODD diagnosis is one of the children, not you lol! Although it's true there are probably more than a few in our family who are the other kind of odd :-) But I must disagree, you did not fail before. It was really good practice for this time - you can do it! And you've inspired me to write in my blog again - I think it has been longer than 6 mos.- especially if I'm going to complete my Fat Fairy Tales for my editor (aka - you!)

  2. AH...good thought on the distinction.....ODD child, not moo. ( although if you ask the hubby......) And it was good practice. I know where I went wrong an while there Will be more stumbling blocks I have the tools to overcome them :) And Don't think your editor :):) won't be setting a deadline! Publishing date to be announced soon!

  3. Moi...not moo. The only thing I really hate about these "smart" devices is how dumb the auto correct is. I promise I will do all editing on the laptop!