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A collection of scriptures, quotes, inspirational sayings, songs and books that i'm reading, have read or want to read. Feel free to list your recommendations and favorite words !
I love music. I read a quote recently by GMA's Robin Roberts mother, Lucimarian Roberts: "I sing because the music of the church speaks my soul language. I sing because these songs are tightly woven in to the texture of who I am." That really spoke to me. Sometimes, quite often actually, I find that I have a song that seems to stick with me for a period of time, like a soundtrack to whatever I may be going through at the time. Currently my "theme song" has been " The Proof of Your Love"  by For King and Country. I had heard the song before and liked it but about a week and a half ago it tired in so closely with what the Lord has placed on my heart lately and I find myself singing it in my head, and my hert, throughout the day. I have even been waking up already singing it. Love, really loving, will be the topic of my next post and I look forward to sharing what the Lord has convicted in me and, hopefully, hearing from you on the matter. Until then- what song is speaking to you?

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